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What is FoundX

FoundX is a startup inception program for alumni, students, and researchers of the University of Tokyo.

FoundX は、東京大学の卒業生、現役生、研究者向けのスタートアップインセプションプログラムです。

-> What is “inception program”?

Job Openings

Some positions are open. If you are interested in working with us, please let us know.

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By enabling and spreading innovation, create scholē for all people, and make our society more open and enlightened.


-> The background of our mission


Factory of Innovation and Association


-> The background of our vision

Code of Conduct (for users)

  1. Pay it forward / 恩送りをすること
  2. Be Fair, fearlessly forthright, and transparent / フェアであり、率直であり、透明性を確保すること
  3. Focus and intensity / 強度を持って集中して取り組むこと
  4. Fail fast & learn frequently / 早く失敗して、頻繁に学びを得ること
  5. Find and foster future founders / 将来の創業者を見つけ、育てること

Value (for staffs)

  1. Evidence
  2. Experiment
  3. Exemplariness

-> Our policy: Evidence-based startup support

What is mission, vision, value and association?

Our definition of mission, vision and value is here. We are not community, but we are association.


FoundX is run by the University of Tokyo, DUCR.

Incubation Facility


Takaaki Umada
Takaaki Umada

Takaaki Umada is the director of FoundX and Hongo Tech Garage at the University of Tokyo. He is the author of "Paradoxical Startup Thinking" (2017) and he wrote various presentations for startups. Before coming to the university, he worked for Microsoft as a product manager and a technical evangelist.

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